How to Publish, Write, Upload Articles and Content to The Internet

All existing ways to share our ideas, opinions and knowledge on the web. Ideas to decide what service we can use. Create a blog, a website or use article directories. Advantages and benefits of each option.

The Internet gives us the possibility to publish any idea, knowledge, opinion, our experiences, to share them with others in a simple and easy, accessible to anyone.It is only necessary to write in a text document the content and upload it to an article directory, create a Blog or even our own website.No matter who you are, a scientist, engineer, teacher, writer, gardener or mechanic, you can have valuable experiences that can be useful to others.You do not know how to write on the PC or it makes you difficult! Write it on paper and make a photocopy, record an audio file or a video.

How to Publish, Write, Upload Articles and Content to The Internet
All that is possible!
There are different options that facilitate the dissemination of content over the network, only a PC, Laptop or a mobile and an Internet connection is required.

We can all publish on the internet

Formerly to publish a book, either a literary work or a simple technical manual, it was necessary to complete it completely by hand, to publish it, to have its forward, its index, to look for an editorial, etc.Nothing like that is necessary anymore!On the internet, you can create the web on any topic you dominate or have the knowledge and publish sections independently.It is not essential that they have the logical sequence, in fact when you finish your site, you will see that from the search engines users will enter the sections, ie the web pages or sheets of the book, randomly and unpredictably.It is not necessary to go to the bookstore to see the book, look for isolated pages according to the convenience and need of each user, that is the internet.Internet today is full of opportunities for anyone entrepreneurial and full of ambition, it is incredible the growth of sales and commerce in this environment.If you are skilled in some subject or have enough business spirit and initiative, you have the possibility to earn money and enough money if you succeed, in a clean and honest, sitting in front of your PC or Laptop.Many articles on this site address ideas for publishing content on the internet if you are not good in writing a quality content you try this free article rewriter that will helps you to get unique content that you can use in your blog.All have been created using my personal experience and in them I share what I have learned, hoping it can be useful to other people.

Several ideas for publishing and sharing content on the internet

There are several ways to publish content on the internet.
It depends on what you want to publish, the time you can dedicate to it, the budget and the knowledge or facilities of each person.

1- Share in social networks

This is the basic or elementary option.Simply share with a group of friends your knowledge or opinion, those that are valuable will spread quickly in a viral way.There are several social networks for this, depending on the type of content.

  • ┬áTo publish short notes, news and events almost instantly, the ideal service is Twitter.
  • To post text only, you can use Google+.
  • To publish and share Facebook or Pinterest images.
  • To post and share Flickr or Google+ photos.
  • To upload your YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • Example of an author’s publication on the social network Google+
  • It is also possible to share audio files, drawings, paintings, poetry, verses, etc.
  • Read more about social networking:


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