Dog food: which ones and which ones do not?

The dog food market had never been so numerous as it is now. If a few decades ago there were few brands that were distributed the market, today we have the fortune to choose from hundreds of brands. And, fortunately, we also have information to assess which dogfood is better than othersWhat means better? The best are not the most advertised in the media. While there are brands of feed that spend money on advertising campaigns, others prefer to spend their money on the quality of their products, and is that the premise that quality is paid, is met, and with reasons.

dog food

Dog food


Where to buy feed is important. Because of this the quality of the product will depend. It is true that in stores and supermarkets we can find the feed at the best price, but also at a worse quality. Just read the label on the packaging. In it you can read things like animal by-products, flours, flavorings, preservatives, dyes … What are animal by-products? All the leftovers from the slaughterhouses: what humans are not going to consume (peaks, hooves, cartilage, bones …) and that crush to make the balls of feed, yes, adding cereals (main responsible for many of the food allergies) To lower the cost of the product and chemical additives to flavor the food. Do you really want to feed your dog that way?


Another place to buy feed whose quality is somewhat better are veterinary centers and pet stores. Here you will depend on each site to buy better or worse think. There are places where you can find higher quality feed than others, but as I say, there is no established rule. It will depend on the policy of each site. But We Recommended you Best Site To Buy higher quality  Food For Dogs

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So where is it safe to buy quality dog food and how to get it? In the most comfortable and economical way: buying on the Internet.The best? Read the information of each feed to find out which one is best suited to your dog’s needs, even if we must talk about something general, please, it is very important that you keep these points in mind:


Bet on food made with natural ingredients.

Free of preservatives and chemical dyes. It is important to read that the additives are natural and in the form of vitamins.The main ingredient should always be animal protein. Never forget that the dog should be fed mainly meat: chicken, poultry, cattle, fish, eggs … Therefore, bet on animal feed containing more than 30%.Do not abuse cereals. Cereals are not highly recommended for dogs and are responsible for many of the allergies of dogs: dermatitis, itching, vomiting, loose stools, etc. If you want to save yourself all these problems with your dog, be sure to purchase the cereal-free feed.


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